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Crimes Against Workers Database

Welcome to CPR's first- and only-of-its-kind Crimes Against Workers Database. Here you’ll find detailed information about state criminal cases and grassroots advocacy campaigns against employers responsible for crimes against workers – leaving them dead, maimed, seriously injured or sick, or robbing them of some or all of their paychecks. You'll also find links to Google Drive folders with source materials. Search using the tools below.

You can also help us grow the database. We plan to expand the database as we discover new cases and gather new information and materials. You can help us by notifying us of new incidents or additional information about incidents already in the database. To let us know about an incident, contact CPR Senior Policy Analyst M. Isabelle Chaudry.

Disclaimer: Before you begin your search below, please review the database terms and conditions.

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Wage Theft | New York | January 1, 2014

SAC Restoration

A Brooklyn, New York, contracting company that has done extensive work for the New York City Housing Authority, often on no-bid contracts, admitted to committing fraud. In a plea agreement, the owners, a married couple, acknowledged that they had for years filed false "certified payrolls" with the Housing Authority. In one instance, they had represented […]

Trench Collapse | Virginia | July 23, 2019

Digges Development

Spencer Lunde, 16, died while working at a construction site, when an unsecured trench collapsed on him. Another adult male working at the site was injured. The incident occured at the site of a small housing development under construction on Solitaire Lane in Fairfax County, VA. The trench Lunde was working in was sloped 90 […]

Fall | Maine | December 13, 2018

Purvis Home Improvement

Alan Loignon died when he fell from the third-story roof of a home on which he was working. The owner of Purvis Home Improvement, Shawn D. Purvis, did not provide fall protection to employees. Shawn Purvis is the half-brother of Alan Loignon. Purvis has a history of OSHA violations related to fall protection. He has […]

Wall/Building Collapse | New York | September 12, 2018

WSC Group

Luis Almonte Sanchez died when a wall fell on him at a construction site in Sunset Park. The subcontractor willfully ignored a cave-in warning that had been isssued shortly prior to the wall collapsing. Sanchez was measuring an area in preparation for work. The soil beneath the foundation wall collapsed, causing a cave-in, and burying […]

Crane Collapse | New York | June 25, 2018

Western Specialty Contractors

In 2016, Blumenfeld Development Group, the owner of the Gotham Residential Projected, hired ZDG, LLC, as the construction manager to build an eleven-story mixed used building. ZDG hired subconctractor Western Waterproofing Co. to install the building's facade. On June 15, 2018, Timothy Braico ordered a mini crane to be delivered to the worksite even though […]

Trench Collapse | Colorado | June 14, 2018


Rosario ‘Chayo’ Martinez-Lopez died while working on a condimium project at a Granby construction site when the unsecured trench he was working in collapsed and buried him. According to OSHA, Martinez-Lopez was working on his knees approximately eight feet deep inside a trench, tying in copper piping to a main water line. He suffered major […]

Fall | Ohio | November 4, 2017

James Coon Construction

Gerardo ‘Jerry’ Juarez died on his second day on the job when he fell from the roof of a three-story apartment complex upon which he was working without fall protection. According to OSHA, Juarez slipped on the damp cedar roof, slid to the edge, rolled over a jack board, and fell 25 feet to the […]

Fire | Maryland | September 10, 2017

Daniel Beckwitt

Daniel Beckwitt, a millionaire day trader, feared a possible missile attack from North Korea, so he hired Askia Khafra in 2017 to help him dig a network of tunnels 20 feet deep and spanning roughly 200 feet in three directions under his property in Bethesda, Maryland. An electrical fire broke out in Beckwitt's basement while […]

Wage Theft | New York | September 1, 2017

Whisk Remodeling Corp.

The company failed to pay nearly 29 workers approximately $90,000 in wages.