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Connect the Dots

In the Connect the Dots podcast, the Center’s president, Rob Verchick, interviews legal experts, scholars and researchers, and community members on policy issues that impact you, your family, and your community. Each season untangles themes related climate adaptation, energy justice, workers’ rights and public health, and more.

This podcast is supported in part by the Arlie W. Schardt Fund for Climate Justice.

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Recent Episodes

July 2023
How Climate Wins are Won
Episode 7.6

In this podcast episode, Rob Verchick is joined by producer Maggie Dewane to look back at the season's climate wins. Together they consider common themes and througlines, lessons learned, and how similar successes might be achieved elsewhere.

July 2023
Climate Win: Navajo Power Brings Clean Energy to Tribal Lands
Episode 7.5

Navajo Power is generating clean energy projects on tribal lands and maximizing the economic benefits for those communities through localized solar power. In this podcast episode, Rob Verchick speaks to Brett Isaac about what motivated him to join the clean energy movement.

June 2023
Climate Win: Bipartisan Support in Climate Legislation
Episode 7.4

Maine is the first state to require utility companies to include assessment of environmental, equity, and environmental justice impacts in grid planning. This is just one provision of a climate law that passed Maine’s state legislature with bipartisan support. This podcast episode explores what went into the law and why climate legislation is often so partisan.

June 2023
Climate Win: Energy Justice and Community Solar Power
Episode 7.3

This podcast episode digs into a community climate win in North Carolina: community-based solar solutions. But what does that mean exactly? And can it make energy more affordable to everyone? Host Rob Verchick learns about energy justice, the power behind solar energy, and what’s standing in the way of broader community solar uptake.

June 2023
Climate Win: Youth Activist Takes on State Government
Episode 7.2

When middle schooler Adah Crandall of Portland, Oregon noticed the impact her school's proximity to a busy freeway was having on some of her classmates, she took action. Today as a high schooler, Adah shares with Rob what went into her experience and her continued motivation and hopes for future generations.