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Climate Justice

Climate change threatens all of us, but not equally. We’re working with state and federal government to bring a justice lens to climate policy.

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Communities of color and low-income communities contribute the least to the climate crisis but suffer its worst harms. And because these communities are often excluded from political processes, they are often not included in solutions to prevent these harms. What’s more, they’re already overburdened by racist social and environmental policies.

Mitigating and adapting to climate change is a matter of justice. But justice is not often part of the national conversation around climate change — or our nation’s response to it. 

The Center for Progressive Reform is advancing climate justice by centering racial and economic disparities in climate policy. We’re working with activists and advocates to elevate and amplify the climate concerns of marginalized groups and advance key climate justice policies at the state and federal levels — and prevent future climate policies from reinforcing existing inequities and promoting the interests of those who profit from climate change: the fossil fuel industry and its enablers.

Our Initiatives

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Protect Vulnerable Populations

Ensuring low-income families, communities of color, and workers are better protected from heat stress, toxic flooding, and other impacts of human-driven climate change.

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Seize Federal Opportunities

Coordination across states to ensure state agencies aggressively pursue funding opportunities for climate justice under the Inflation Reduction Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

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Reform State Governance

A project to inform decision-makers, allies, and support advocates representing fence line and frontline communities in accelerating the development and implementation of climate policies.

Recent Highlights

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Arlie W. Schardt Fund 
For Climate Justice

Speaking Out for Climate Justice

With the support of a new fund, named in honor of environmental advocate and renowned journalist, Arlie Schardt, we’re forging a path forward for climate justice action and policy.