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Seize Federal Opportunities

Government funding is a central component of climate justice, including funding to increase energy efficiency, distribute renewable energy opportunities, enable clean transportation, and develop sustainable housing in sustainable community land use patterns. We seek to identify funding mechanisms that further a larger vision of climate justice; are coherent and coordinated; and incorporate the views of affected stakeholders.

What We’re Doing

The Center will utilize the historic investments made in the Bipartisan Infrastucture Law and the Inflation Reduction Act to ensure state agencies aggressively pursue these funds for climate justice, while also looking at the implementation of these laws to highlight lessons learned and key successes. 

A 2023 priority will also include connecting our work across states. This could include a comparison of state policies and impacts; exchanges and learning spaces among innovative strategies and policies, led by partners and coalitions; peer learning from groups on advocacy and campaigns, and more.

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