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Policy Director James Goodwin Responds to Harmful U.S. Supreme Court Decision

The June 28 Supreme Court decision overturning the doctrine of Chevron deference has significant implications for agencies’ work to safeguard our air, water, food, bank accounts, and more. But as Policy Director James Goodwin explains, it’s not fatal to these protections. Read his response.

Who We Are

The Center for Progressive Reform is a nonprofit research and advocacy organization that harnesses the power of law and public policy to create a responsive government, a healthy environment, and a just society.

Our Issues

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Climate Justice

Climate change threatens us all, but not equally. Historically marginalized communities and groups are at the greatest risk of harm from worsening floods, hurricanes, and fires. We’re developing policy and advocacy tools to advance just climate policies that protect and support all people and alleviate the disproportionate harms of climate change.

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Public Protections

One of our government’s greatest responsibilities is to protect public health and safety. We’re working to ensure all people, especially those who bear disproportionate burdens from exposure to pollution and other environmental harms, have access to healthy and safe workplaces, clean air and water, and a sustainable future.

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Responsive Government

Our government has a critical and legitimate role to play in ensuring our democracy flourishes and advancing justice and equity for all. Rebuilding our regulatory system — the process by which state and federal agencies implement laws — to make it more robust and inclusive is central to that vision.

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Two Decades of Progressive Policy for the Public Good

For twenty years the Center for Progressive Reform has worked to ensure our government can fulfill its mission to protect and support all people and our planet.

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Meet Our Scholars

Our Center is guided by a nationwide network of scholars who teach, study, research public policy and practice law at colleges and universities across the country and are experts in governance, regulation, natural resources, climate, energy, environment, and public health. They work in tandem with our staff as we research and offer policy solutions to the key issues facing our country and the world.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We don’t just believe in the ideals of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. We are working to embody them. See how we’re holding ourselves accountable and making sure we grow alongside the social movements of today.