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Two Decades of Progressive Policy for the Public Good

Twenty Years of Progress – and Counting

For two decades, the Center for Progressive Reform has worked to ensure our government can fulfill its mission to protect and support people and our planet. Since 2002, we’ve worked to harness the power of law and policy to strengthen our nation’s ability to protect health and safety, advance equity and justice, ensure a sustainable planet, and make our government more inclusive and responsive. We’ve built an extraordinary legacy of progress – and we’ll continue this vital work in the decades to come.

Take a look at some of our greatest hits over the last 20 years.

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Join us in celebrating our 20th anniversary

Twenty years ago, a handful of law professors launched the Center for Progressive Reform to counter efforts to deregulate industry and weaken protections for people and the planet. The Center played a key role in blocking that effort and has achieved an extraordinary legacy of progressive change since then. Please help make our next 20 years even more successful than our first two decades as we work on your behalf to address the climate crisis, the precarious state of our governing institutions, and the need for racial and social justice.