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Public Protections

One of our government’s most important responsibilities is to protect public health and ensure safety. 

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Over the last half-century, the conservative movement has sacrificed our government’s system of social safeguards for corporate deregulation. We all face the dangers of an unregulated industry, but marginalized groups are at the greatest risk of harm due to legacies of slavery, oppression, racism, and economic inequality. Today, lower-income communities and communities of color face disproportionately greater hazards from pollution and chemical disasters than whiter, wealthier communities.

We’re working with advocates and activists to restore and strengthen government safeguards to protect workers from dangerous working conditions, consumers from hazardous products, and communities from toxic pollution.

We’re also working to ensure that we, the people, can hold companies that violate public and environmental protections accountable. By addressing regulatory and legislative gaps that disproportionately impact marginalized communities, we are repairing our nation’s support system and working to eliminate disparities and ensure benefits are equitably distributed.

Our Initiatives

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Protect Workers

Supporting workers’ rights around issues related to heat stress, private right of action, justice in the courts, a just transition to clean energy and sustainable agriculture, and the intersecting issue of climate justice and workers’ rights.

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Hold Polluters Accountable

Limiting industrial pollution and strengthening enforcement against companies who fail to comply with state and federal regulations, particularly in the mid-Atlantic.

Reduce Pollution

Tracking air and water pollution in fenceline communities, accounting for cumulative impacts on health and well-being, and advocating for stronger protections from chemical spills and toxic pollution.

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