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Protect Workers’ Rights

Workers need public safeguards to protect themselves from workplace injustice and unsafe workplaces.

What We’re Doing

The Center is working to protect workers from heat stress and contracts that force them to settle disputes in a rigged system of arbitration; ensure a private right of action, and accelerate a just transition to clean energy and sustainable agriculture. By addressing regulatory gaps that have disproportionate impacts on historically marginalized groups, we help reduce economic inequalities and protect workers’ health, safety, and financial well-being.

A construction worker wipes sweat from his forehead

Crimes Against Workers Database

Our Crimes Against Workers database is a first-of-its-kind tool with information about state criminal cases and grassroots advocacy campaigns against employers responsible for crimes against workers — leaving them dead, maimed, seriously injured or sick, or robbing them of some or all of their paychecks.

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