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Responsive Government

In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, our government has a critical and legitimate role to play in both ensuring our democracy flourishes and advancing justice and equity for all.

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Unfortunately, corporate interests and the wealthy few have outsized access and influence in our regulatory system, the set of rules and regulations government agencies make when implementing federal and state laws. That leaves us, and historically marginalized groups in particular, with little ability to shape the policies that shape our lives. What’s more, industry often operates behind closed doors, leaving us in the dark about how corporate money has rigged the game in industry’s favor. One especially damaging result: The process by which our government evaluates proposed rules prioritizes protecting industry profits ahead of protecting life, health, and safety.

The Center for Progressive Reform is working to address this problem by strengthening our regulatory system and harnessing the full force of government to create a healthy and thriving society. Through progressive regulatory reform, we can restore “the public” as the central concern of public policymaking; redistribute power to the public, especially to marginalized communities; and guarantee basic human rights and the continued pursuit of our shared national values.

Our Initiatives

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Increase Public Participation

Developing and advocating for tools that will remove barriers to meaningful public participation throughout the rulemaking process, with the goal of strengthening our democracy, improving regulatory decisions, and reducing systemic inequities.

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Strengthen Agency Rulemaking

Educating policymakers, journalists, and allies about the flaws with our current institutions of centralized regulatory review and regulatory analysis and promoting reforms that would better align these institutions with progressive policy goals.

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Reclaim Our Courts

Promoting reforms that will better ensure that federal and state courts complement and support the effective functioning of our regulatory system.

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