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Allcare Homecare Agency, Inc.


Allcare Homecare Agency Inc. reached a settlement with the New York Office of the Attorney General to pay $450,000 to over 100 of its workers for wage and overtime violations. The company also unlawfully threatened deportation consequences against immigrant workers when they complained about unpaid wages. The Attorney General’s investigation into the company began when a dozen former Allcare workers alerted the Office of the Attorney General of the company’s unlawful practices.


Civil Enforcement Section Chief Ming-Qi Chu and Assistant Attorney General Michael Cowles of the Labor Bureau

Incident Type

Wage Theft




New York


September 13, 2019

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First Last Age Title Employer Injury Type
Over 100 unnamed workers Unavailable Unavailable Home health aides Allcare Homecare Agency, Inc. Wage theft


Name Type Title Plea Information Conviction Sentence
Allcare Homecare Agency, Inc. Entity Entity The company agreed to a settlement with the New York Office of the Attorney General. Allcare Homecare Agency agreed to pay $450,000 to compensate its current and former workers. Additionally, the settlement stipulates that more than a dozen immigrant workers who were threatened with deportation shall receive $8,000 in damages for emotional distress.
Penal Crimes Charged


Other Crimes Charged

Allcare did not pay workers properly under the New York Labor Law, the New York Homecare Worker Wage Parity Act, and the New York Earned Sick Time Act. Allcare failed to pay aides working 24-hour shifts for every hour they worked and failed to offer legally required paid leave policies. Allcare also retaliated against certain immigrant workers by threatening to call immigration authorities when these workers sought their unpaid wages in violation of the New York Labor Law and the New York City Human Rights Law.