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Crimes Against Workers Database

Welcome to CPR's first- and only-of-its-kind Crimes Against Workers Database. Here you’ll find detailed information about state criminal cases and grassroots advocacy campaigns against employers responsible for crimes against workers – leaving them dead, maimed, seriously injured or sick, or robbing them of some or all of their paychecks. You'll also find links to Google Drive folders with source materials. Search using the tools below.

You can also help us grow the database. We plan to expand the database as we discover new cases and gather new information and materials. You can help us by notifying us of new incidents or additional information about incidents already in the database. To let us know about an incident, contact CPR Senior Policy Analyst Marcha Isabelle Chaudry.

Disclaimer: Before you begin your search below, please review the database terms and conditions.

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Wall/Building Collapse | California | January 1, 1987


Victim, an undocumented day laborer, was crushed by a brick wall that collapsed. The wall was not adequately shored. Both the building owner and contractor had been warned by the concrete coring company that made cuts in the wall that a collapse was possible if the bricks above those being removed were reinforced. (Date below […]

Trench Collapse | California | July 24, 1986


Torres was killed in an unshored trench that collapsed while he was working on a sewer connection.

Fall | Wisconsin | June 17, 1986

Shoreline Support Corp.

Dale Slabik, a bulldozer-loader operator, died after approximately one week on the job, while working on erosion control at a Lake Michigan beach, pushing piles of earth, brick, and other rubbish that had been brought to the site over an embankment. Slabik was picking up large concrete chunks from a stockpile at another location and […]

Chemical Exposure | California | February 21, 1986

Dial Corp.

A worker accidentally cut a hole in a pipeline, causing a cloud of green poisonous gas to spew out of the plant where it was carried by wind to nearby Tweedy Elementary School. Teachers and students were evacuated but some were hospitalized. The leak lasted for eight minutes before an employee turned off the valve. […]

Crushed | California | January 1, 1986

California Pacific Poultry

A worker was crushed to death in a poultry blender. The date below is approximate.

Chemical Exposure | Connecticut | September 27, 1985

PGP Industries

A security guard on duty at the facility died and four others were overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning after a hurricane knocked out power in the plant for 3 hours. Without power, the exhaust fans over the smelting furnaces did not force carbon monoxide generated from the furnaces out of the building. The work area […]

Trench Collapse | Texas | September 10, 1985

Sabine Consolidated

Two construction workers were killed when the 27 feet deep trench they were working in collapsed.

Caught in Machine | California | July 22, 1985

Reliance Steel

Andre was crushed in a recoil roller when his glove was caught while he was feeding cardboard into a slitting machine. Andre was operating the machine unattended on his first day of work with four hours of training, even though the manual specified 30 days of training for new employees. Indeed, Reliance's own insurance company […]

Trench Collapse | Texas | July 17, 1985

Peabody Southwest Inc.

An employee died in trench collapse. We have been unable to find additional details about this incident.