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Erin Kesler

Communications Specialist

Erin Kesler | June 2, 2015

CPR’s Hammond Testifies at House Energy and Commerce Hearing

This morning CPR Scholar and George Washington University Law School professor Emily Hammond will testify at a House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power entitled, “Quadrennial Energy Review.“ According to Professor Hammond’s testimony: A critical challenge for energy policy in the United States is that it has evolved in a piecemeal fashion, focusing on […]

Erin Kesler | May 26, 2015

CPR’s Steinzor in the Houston Chronicle: With Dupont, OSHA’s Tough Talk Falls Faint

This past Sunday, the Houston Chronicle published an opinion piece by CPR Scholar and University of Maryland Carey School of Law professor Rena Steinzor entitled, “With Dupont, OSHA’s Tough Talk Falls Faint.” Steinzor recounts the chemical giant’s negligence and reckless disregard for safety which ultimately led to the deaths of workers Gilbert and Robert Tisnado, Wade Baker and Crystle Wise. She takes […]

Erin Kesler | April 20, 2015

Meet CPR’s New Chesapeake Bay Policy Analyst

The Center for Progressive Reform is excited to welcome its new policy analyst, Evan Isaacson who will focus on the Chesapeake Bay.  Isaacson succeeds Anne Havemann, and will continue her sterling work on the intersection of state and federal environmental regulations and the Bay. Mr. Isaacson joins CPR after eight years on staff at the […]

Erin Kesler | April 14, 2015

CPR’s Buzbee to Testify at House Hearing on Waters of the US Rule

CPR Scholar and Georgetown University Law School professor William Buzbee testified at a House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans Oversight hearing today entitled, “Proposed Federal Water Grabs and Their Potential Impacts on States, Water, and Power Users, and Landowners.” The Hearing concerned the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers' proposed "Waters of The US," rule related to water pollution and agriculture. […]

Erin Kesler | March 25, 2015

CPR’s Tom McGarity Responds to Supreme Court’s Examination of Costs Associated with Rule-making in Michigan v. EPA

Today, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Michigan v. EPA.  CPR Member Scholar and University of Texas School of Law professor Thomas O. McGarity responded to the debate with the following statement: Following today’s oral arguments, the Supreme Court must decide whether EPA misinterpreted a section in the Clean Air Act requiring it to regulate hazardous […]

Erin Kesler | March 24, 2015

Issue Alert: How to Hold Big Chicken Responsible for Pollution

In the United States, a handful of large corporations including Perdue and Tyson direct and oversee nearly every step in the poultry production process, essentially serving as overlords to the tens of thousands of small farmers with whom they contract to raise their chickens for slaughter. While deriving the lion’s share of the profit, these […]

Erin Kesler | March 23, 2015

CPR President Rena Steinzor in the Houston Chronicle: Criminal investigations crucial to making refineries safer

Last Friday marked the 10 year anniversary of the BP Texas City Refinery explosion that killed 15 people and injured 170 others. In an opinion piece for the Houston Chronicle, CPR President Rena Steinzor describes the systemic failures which led to the explosion and the regulatory gaps that remain. She calls for criminal investigations, “everytime refinery operations kill, maim, or threaten […]

Erin Kesler | March 18, 2015

CPR Senior Policy Analyst James Goodwin Testifies on Regulation for the House Committee on Small Business

Today, CPR Senior Policy Analyst James Goodwin will testify as an expert witness on the regulatory process for a House Committee on Small Business Hearing, “Tangled in Red Tape: New Challenges for Small Manufacturers.”  Goodwin’s testimony highlights the economic as well as public health and safety benefits of regulations in relation to small businesses. He notes: […]

Erin Kesler | March 3, 2015

CPR’s Tom McGarity in Austin-American Statesman: Public Utility Commission rule would hurt consumers

The Texas Public Utility Commission, which sets electricity rates for the state and allows adjustments for fuel costs, has recently proposed amendments to its procedural rules that would limit consumer advocate input into potentially abusive rate changes. Prior to any rate changes, the Commission holds public hearings where experts for the utility companies present highly technical reports drawn from their own data. […]