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Evan Bayh Kicks off Anti-Regulatory Campaign With Series of Falsehoods

Responsive Government

On Wednesday, former senator Evan Bayh joined former George W. Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card at the Chamber of Commerce to formally announce their plans to tour around the country campaigning against regulations. The pair have already jumped into a series of falsehoods, endorsing, for example, the discredited SBA-sponsored study claiming regulations cost $1.75 Trillion in a year.

Over at ThinkProgress, CPR Member Scholar Sidney Shapiro takes a closer look at the pair’s claims:

Bayh and Card see regulators as having “unprecedented power” and call for “restoring balance and accountability in the process.” I don’t know what regulatory system they are viewing, but it bears no resemblance to the one operating currently in the United States. Far from having “unprecedented power,” agencies find it difficult to complete any type of controversial regulation in less than six to ten years because they must negotiate a complex gauntlet of analysis and reviews before they can issue a regulation, including judicial review at the end of the road.

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Responsive Government

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