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Stop Corporate Capture Act Would Reform the Way Agencies Develop Key Public Protections

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PRESS STATEMENT: December 1, 2021

Contact: Brian Gumm

Center for Progressive Reform

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Stop Corporate Capture Act Would Reform the Way Agencies Develop Key Public Protections

Statement of Center for Progressive Reform Senior Policy Analyst James Goodwin

Washington, DC — The American people need and deserve a regulatory system that works for them, and that was what the original Administrative Procedure Act (APA) was set up to accomplish more than 75 years ago. In the decades since, that venerable law has slowly become a funhouse mirror caricature of itself, as corporate special interests and the politically well-connected have transformed it into a powerful vehicle for carrying out their “trickle down” agenda.

With its provisions to restore integrity to regulatory science and strengthen public participation in policy development, the Stop Corporate Capture Act would return the APA to its original vision, in which public power over public policy is built from the ground up. With a renewed commitment to regulatory justice and democracy, the United States will be better equipped to tackle the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

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