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State Advocacy for Safer Workplaces

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On average, more than 10 U.S. workers die every day on the job, the result of workplace accidents or exposures — more than 4,000 a year in all. Hundreds of thousands more are injured or made ill at their workplaces, many permanently disabled. Those numbers are far better than they once were, but nowhere near as low as they could and should be.

While the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 is rightly considered a landmark achievement in the fight for safer workplaces, aggressive enforcement of the law is a thing of the distant past, particularly with respect to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s record of adopting and enforcing regulations to address emerging or long-unaddressed hazards.

As explained in CPR’s June 2014, Winning Safer Workplaces: A Manual for State and Local Policy Reform, workplace health and safety is still an achievable goal, but our existing system needs to be reformed to reflect the changing nature of employment and to address the changing role of government in our lives.

The Winning Safer Workplaces manual is a tool designed for state and local advocates to use to accomplish just such reforms. It highlights successful local campaigns to adopt workplace safety standards, and offers a series of innovative proposals to help state and local advocates make headway even in the face of intense opposition from big-moneyed, anti-regulatory interests.

Resource Clearinghouse

To assist state and local advocates with achieving workplace reforms, CPR has developed a clearinghouse of resources for each of the proposals explored in our Winning Safer Workplaces and Preventing Death and Injury on the Job manuals.

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