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Policy for a Just America

The Trump administration rolled back decades' worth of health, safety, and environmental protections. But the new Biden-Harris administration offers an important opportunity: As we undo the damage, we can also use our government for good. We can broaden our ambition and rework the democratic processes that Trump so badly abused, knocking down barriers to justice and equity while creating policies that work for everyone.

CPR's Policy for a Just America initiative aims to enfranchise those who have been shut out of our democracy, particularly people and communities in the crosshairs of climate change and toxic pollution, who are routinely denied economic opportunity, and whose workplaces are unsafe or unhealthy. The initiative also seeks to inform public dialogue and help policymakers and advocates rebuild, restore, and reimagine how our country works. Read more in related blog posts from CPR Executive Director Minor Sinclair and Board Member Laurie Ristino.

We've organized our solutions, recommendations, and resources into three themes that connect individual and community well-being to just policies, fair processes, and greater access to our government. We will update these pages and roll out more resources in the weeks and months ahead, so check back often.

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Sustainable Future

Public policy forms our social infrastructure. The policy choices we make today will move us closer to true justice — or exacerbate persistent inequities. We promote policies that support long-term well-being for people and the planet. We are working to create a fair and just economy; a regenerative agricultural system; and a healthy environment.

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Responsive Government

To protect and empower the public, government must be people-driven and people-focused. We focus on strengthening crucial but often overlooked democratic institutions, such as the regulatory process and the courts, so they offer a fair and durable forum in which people, communities, and advocates can define and defend the common good.

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Public Protections

Regulatory safeguards are a critical part of our nation’s social support system. After all, the burdens of hazardous working conditions, industrial pollution, climate change, and more fall disproportionately on low-wealth families and communities of color. The public health, workers’ rights, and consumer safety protections we fight for help individuals achieve their full potential and promote thriving, resilient communities.