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Alejandro Camacho, Alyson Flournoy, Carmen Gonzalez, Darya Minovi, Dave Owen, David Flores, Gilonne d'Origny, Heather Elliott, James Goodwin, Joel A. Mintz, Karen Sokol, Katie Tracy, Laurie Ristino, Matt Shudtz, Michael C. Duff, Michele Janin, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Robert L. Glicksman, Sandra Zellmer, Sarah Krakoff, Steph Tai, Thomas McGarity, William Andreen, William Funk | March 18, 2020 CPR Letter to OMB Re Comment Extension During Coronavirus Joel A. Mintz | February 24, 2020 EPA Enforcement in Distress — and More Trouble Is Brewing Joel A. Mintz | January 15, 2020 Trump’s Proposal to Replace the Clean Power Plan Endangers Public Health Joel A. Mintz | December 5, 2019 Eventually, Paris withdrawal will overshadow impeachment Joel A. Mintz | July 17, 2019 Trump Trashes the Environment, Calls It Leadership Joel A. Mintz | February 18, 2019 It’s Official: Trump’s policies deter EPA staff from enforcing the law Joel A. Mintz | February 8, 2019 Last government shutdown offers lessons on avoiding another Alyson Flournoy, Christine Klein, Dale Goble, David Driesen, Joel A. Mintz, Mary Lyndon, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity | January 2, 2019 Joint Letter from 11 CPR Member Scholars to House Judiciary Committee re Concerns with HR 4423, the North Texas Water Supply Security Act of 2017. Alejandro Camacho, Alexandra Klass, Amy Sinden, Daniel Farber, Heather Elliott, Joel A. Mintz, Joseph Tomain, Karen Sokol, Kirsten Engel, Martha McCluskey, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Richard Murphy, Robert L. Glicksman, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity, Victor Flatt | January 2, 2019 Joint Letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler re Cost-Benefit Analysis Proposal