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Daniel Farber | January 9, 2019 How Trump Officials Abuse Cost-Benefit Analysis to Attack Regulations Alejandro Camacho, Alexandra Klass, Amy Sinden, Daniel Farber, Heather Elliott, Joel A. Mintz, Joseph Tomain, Karen Sokol, Kirsten Engel, Martha McCluskey, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Richard Murphy, Robert L. Glicksman, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity, Victor Flatt | January 2, 2019 Joint Letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler re Cost-Benefit Analysis Proposal Alice Kaswan, Alyson Flournoy, Christine Klein, Daniel Farber, David Flores, Joel A. Mintz, John Echeverria, Joseph Tomain, Karen Sokol, Katie Tracy, Maxine A Burkett, Rebecca Bratspies, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Victor Flatt | January 1, 2019 From Surviving to Thriving: Equity in Disaster Planning and Recovery Daniel Farber | July 5, 2017 Tangling Life-Saving Regulations in Red Tape Daniel Farber | February 22, 2017 Neil Gorsuch Might Stand Up Against Abuse of Power Daniel Farber | February 10, 2017 Courts Should Kill Trump’s Pricey ‘2-for-1’ Deregulation Order Daniel Farber | January 25, 2017 California may have to fund climate modeling and renewable energy research Daniel Farber, Robert Verchick | December 7, 2016 About that Octopus in the Parking Garage Daniel Farber, Gillian Metzger, Richard Murphy, Robert L. Glicksman, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Victor Flatt | June 8, 2016 Joint letter from several CPR Member Scholars to the House Judiciary Committee re judicial review and the Administrative Procedures Act.