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Rules that Would Have Generated Savings

Repealing Taxpayer Savings

Ten rules eliminated through the CRA would have generated the benefit of saving some government entity – federal, state, or local – money by making more efficient use of their limited resources. The rules include (1) the Department of the Interior’s land use planning rule, (2) the Department of Labor’s injury recordkeeping rule, (3) the multi-agency fair contractor rule, (4) the Department of Labor’s drug testing rule, (5) the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's rule limiting abusive forced arbitration agreements in financial services contracts, (6) the Department of Labor’s sub-state government retirement savings program rule, (7) the Department of Labor’s state retirement savings program rule, (8) the Social Security Administration’s gun purchase background check rule, (9) the HHS’ protecting women’s access to family planning health care services rule, and (10) the Department of Education’s state accountability rule.