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Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes New Board Members

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NEWS RELEASE: July 8, 2021

Contact: Brian Gumm

Center for Progressive Reform

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Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes New Board Members

Leaders in environmental policy, health, and justice strengthen CPR’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

The Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) is pleased to announce three new members on its Board of Directors. Each brings a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to CPR and will enrich and strengthen the organization’s work toward racial justice and a sustainable planet. Joining the Board are Alejandro Camacho, a law professor and longtime CPR Member Scholar; Sekita Grant, a leader in environmental health and justice; and Ajulo Othow, a leader in equitable renewable energy solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome these outstanding leaders to our Board of Directors,” CPR Board President Robert Verchick said. “Each has a demonstrated commitment to environmental protection, governmental reform, and diversity, equity, and inclusion — issues of utmost importance as CPR works to address the systemic absence of regulatory protections for people of color and low-wealth communities. I’m excited to work with them as CPR enhances its portfolio of research and advocacy on behalf of people and the planet.”

CPR Executive Director Minor Sinclair added, “Our newest Board members bring critical voices and perspectives to our organization. Among other experiences, they've worked with conservation and frontline communities on the West Coast and in the Southeast. I'm looking forward to working closely with them as CPR moves into its third decade and tapping their rich set of experiences in and connections to the movements for good, effective governance and social justice.”

Alejandro Camacho is a law professor at the University of California, Irvine, with deep expertise in government and governance, particularly as they relate to natural resources, public lands, pollution control, and land use. He has published numerous articles in leading academic journals and traditional news outlets. He also co-authored Reorganizing Government: A Functional and Dimensional Framework, a guide to good governance with a focus on climate change.

“I've been a CPR Member Scholar for many years now, and I’m delighted to join its Board of Directors at a time of hope and possibility for our nation,” Camacho said. “I’m particularly pleased with the opportunity to work more closely with my fellow Board members, each of whom offers invaluable perspectives from their scholarship, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial work.”

Sekita Grant is a vice president at The Solutions Project, a nonprofit organization that funds initiatives led by women and people of color to address pollution and climate change. In this role, she oversees grantmaking, policy research, and strategic support for more than 100 leaders in frontline communities across the country, including in Puerto Rico. She also teaches on environmental justice at Sacramento State University in California and was previously a Climate Justice Fellow with the Emerson Collective.

“I’m thrilled about joining a talented team of scholars who share my commitment to advancing racial justice within the context of climate change and environmental research and advocacy, supporting worker health and safety, and ushering in government reform,” Grant said. “I’ve dedicated my career to these issues, and I’m excited to work with my new colleagues at CPR to advance them at this critical moment in history.”

Ajulo Othow is founder and CEO of EnerWealth Solutions, a company that develops renewable energy projects that support small farmers and economic development in rural communities. A lawyer and former director at Oxfam America, Othow also serves on the Boards of North Carolina Clean Energy Fund and BOSS (Black Owners of Solar Services). She lives on a small farm in North Carolina that has been in her family for five generations.

“I'm honored to join CPR’s Board of Directors,” Othow said. “As a resident of small-town America, I know how important it is to support equitable renewable solutions to climate change, and I’m eager to lend my expertise to CPR’s vital work in this area. Our nation must come together in support of the common good, across the federal, state, and local levels, and I’m excited about the opportunity to join CPR’s efforts to make this happen.”

The three new board members join Gilonne d’Origny, Robert Glicksman, Michele Janin, Alice Kaswan, Thomas McGarity, Joel Mintz, Laurie Ristino, Sidney Shapiro, and Amy Sinden. More information on CPR's Board members is available on our website.

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Through the expertise of our 60+ scholars and staff, the Center for Progressive Reform creates powerful tools and strategies for policymakers and the public to advance policies and processes that ensure the health and well-being of people, their communities, and our environment.

Pursuing diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice is a moral imperative for CPR. We are committed to working with communities that experience disproportionate harm from existing and emerging environmental hazards. By incorporating these principles into our work, we will position ourselves to most effectively and thoughtfully protect and strengthen health, safety, and environmental safeguards and empower the people whose lives depend on them.

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Climate Justice Public Protections Responsive Government