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Darya Minovi, David Flores, James Goodwin, Katlyn Schmitt | February 7, 2022 Comments on EPA Environmental Justice Action Plan Darya Minovi, David Flores | December 8, 2021 Groundbreaking Report Exposes Threat Unregulated Chemical Storage Tanks Pose to Virginia and the Nation Darya Minovi, David Flores, Johnathan Clark | December 8, 2021 Tanks for Nothing: The Decades-Long Failure to Protect the Public from Hazardous Chemical Spills David Flores, Karen Sokol, Katlyn Schmitt, Robert Verchick | December 1, 2021 The False Promise of Carbon Capture as a Climate Solution in Louisiana and Beyond Darya Minovi, David Flores | July 7, 2021 Preventing “Double Disasters” Darya Minovi, David Flores | October 28, 2020 CPR Comments on DEQ Air Permit for Norfolk Naval Shipyard Power Plant David Flores | September 24, 2020 Joint Comment Letter to EPA on 2020 Multi-Sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity Alejandro Camacho, Alyson Flournoy, Carmen Gonzalez, Darya Minovi, Dave Owen, David Flores, Gilonne d'Origny, Heather Elliott, James Goodwin, Joel A. Mintz, Karen Sokol, Katie Tracy, Laurie Ristino, Matt Shudtz, Michael C. Duff, Michele Janin, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Robert L. Glicksman, Sandra Zellmer, Sarah Krakoff, Steph Tai, Thomas McGarity, William Andreen, William Funk | March 18, 2020 CPR Letter to OMB Re Comment Extension During Coronavirus David Flores, Katie Tracy, Rena Steinzor | January 15, 2020 Joint Letter to Fairfax County, Virginia, Commonwealth’s Attorney re deadly worksite trench collapse