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Karen Sokol, Katlyn Schmitt, Robert Verchick | December 1, 2021 Carbon Capture Technology Will Worsen the Climate Crisis and Further Endanger Marginalized Communities, Policy Brief Finds David Flores, Karen Sokol, Katlyn Schmitt, Robert Verchick | December 1, 2021 The False Promise of Carbon Capture as a Climate Solution in Louisiana and Beyond Robert Verchick | September 6, 2021 The New Orleans Power Outage Shows How Urgently a Climate-resilient Power Grid Is Needed James Goodwin, Robert Verchick | September 1, 2021 A Legal Pillar of Environmental Justice Is Now Under Attack Robert Verchick | April 9, 2020 Facing Catastrophe: Environmental Action for a Post-Katrina World Amy Sinden, James Goodwin, Rena Steinzor, Robert Verchick, Thomas McGarity | January 7, 2019 Trump’s New ‘Regulatory Czar’: Poised to Lead the Assault on Our Safeguards Alyson Flournoy, Christine Klein, Dale Goble, David Driesen, Joel A. Mintz, Mary Lyndon, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity | January 2, 2019 Joint Letter from 11 CPR Member Scholars to House Judiciary Committee re Concerns with HR 4423, the North Texas Water Supply Security Act of 2017. David Flores, Maxine A Burkett, Robert Verchick | January 2, 2019 Reaching Higher Ground: Avenues to Secure and Manage New Land for Communities Displaced by Climate Change Alejandro Camacho, Alexandra Klass, Amy Sinden, Daniel Farber, Heather Elliott, Joel A. Mintz, Joseph Tomain, Karen Sokol, Kirsten Engel, Martha McCluskey, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Richard Murphy, Robert L. Glicksman, Robert Verchick, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity, Victor Flatt | January 2, 2019 Joint Letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler re Cost-Benefit Analysis Proposal