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Alejandro Camacho, Alyson Flournoy, Carmen Gonzalez, Darya Minovi, Dave Owen, David Flores, Gilonne d'Origny, Heather Elliott, James Goodwin, Joel A. Mintz, Karen Sokol, Katie Tracy, Laurie Ristino, Matt Shudtz, Michael C. Duff, Michele Janin, Rebecca Bratspies, Rena Steinzor, Robert L. Glicksman, Sandra Zellmer, Sarah Krakoff, Steph Tai, Thomas McGarity, William Andreen, William Funk | March 18, 2020 CPR Letter to OMB Re Comment Extension During Coronavirus Alejandro Camacho, Alice Kaswan, Carmen Gonzalez, David Driesen, Joel A. Mintz, Karen Sokol, Martha McCluskey, Mary Lyndon, Rena Steinzor, Sidney A. Shapiro, Thomas McGarity | September 19, 2017 Joint Letter re nomination of Michael Dourson to EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, September 19, 2017. Alice Kaswan, Carmen Gonzalez, Robert Verchick, Yee Huang | April 12, 2016 Climate Change, Resilience, and Fairness: How Nonstructural Adaptation Can Protect and Empower Socially Vulnerable Communities on the Gulf Coast Carmen Gonzalez | September 28, 2015 UN goals fall short of Francis’ vision Carmen Gonzalez, David Hunter | May 4, 2012 Letter to USTR on environmental provisions in trade promotion authority legislation A. Dan Tarlock, Carmen Gonzalez, David Hunter, Rebecca Bratspies | March 29, 2012 Letter to EPA on North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation Carmen Gonzalez | May 6, 2009 Markets, Monocultures, and Malnutrition: Agricultural Trade Policy through an Environmental Justice Lens