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Saving Government Expertise and Protecting Public Health

In this episode of Connect the Dots, host Rob Verchick talks with CPR Board Member Sid Shapiro and Oxford University professor Liz Fisher about the role and importance of expertise in government agencies, rulemaking, and public policy development. This topic is of particular interest as there has been a campaign in the Trump administration and by others to ignore or eliminate that expertise in a range of different ways, which hinders the ability of agencies to deliver on their legislative obligations.

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Liz Fisher is Professor of Environmental Law at Corpus Christi College and the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. She researches in the areas of environmental law and and administrative law exploring the interrelationship between law, administration and regulatory problems in different legal cultures. In particular she focuses on the role of science in that interelationship. View bio.

Sid Shapiro holds the Fletcher Chair in Administrative Law at the Wake Forest University School of Law and is the Associate Dean for Research and Development. He is a member of the board of directors of the Center for Progressive Reform. He has taught and written in the areas of Administrative Law, Regulatory Law and Policy, Environmental Policy, and Occupational Safety and Health Law for more than 25 years. View bio.

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