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Maggie Dewane

Senior Digital Media Manager


202.747.0698 ext. 4

Maggie Dewane is the Digital Media Manager for the Center for Progressive Reform. She is a writer and communications specialist who has traveled to all seven continents to understand climate change, conservation, and how both are impacting people.

In 2017, Maggie was featured in the Huffington Post’s climate series, “End of the Earth” and produced a short film on climate, “In Search of the Adelie Penguin,” which has been featured by three international film festivals, including the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. She also co-hosts a wildlife podcast, The Watering Hole, and leads an annual summer camp session in Bremen, Maine through the Audubon Society.

Prior to joining the Center, Maggie managed communications for the international nonprofits Marine Stewardship Council and Environmental Investigation Agency. She has worked for the White House Council on Environmental Quality and the United States Senate. Maggie received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University.

Contact Information:
202.747.0698 ext. 4

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