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Marcha Chaudry

Senior Policy Analyst

202.747.0698 ext. 7

Marcha Isabelle Chaudry is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center for Progressive Reform. Over the course of her career, Ms. Chaudry has held clerkships with government, labor unions, and nonprofit organizations including the AFL-CIO, National Education Association, National Lawyers Employment Association (as a Peggy Browning Fellow), and Congress.

Prior to joining CPR, Ms. Chaudry served as a Senior Policy Manager with the National Women’s Health Network, where she developed and led their consumer safety policy efforts, with a particular focus on toxic chemicals in cosmetics and their impact on historically marginalized communities. She also served as a law clerk for the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and as an Associate Staff Counsel at the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

Ms. Chaudry earned a J.D., with distinction in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Howard University School of Law and a Bachelor of Science degree from Howard University. She is admitted to practice in the District of Columbia. She also serves as a Board Member for Women’s Voices for the Earth.

Contact Information:
202.747.0698 ext. 7

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