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Faith Duggan

Former Communications Intern

Center for Progressive Reform

Faith Duggan joined the Center as communications intern in May 2023, driven by her interest to grow her written and digital storytelling skills in order to highlight the inequitable tribulations of marginalized groups, specifically people of color. 

Prior to her internship at the Center, Faith interned at NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs and two other nonprofits, The Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre in Coventry, England, and The Downtown Worcester Business Improvement District in Worcester, Massachusetts. These opportunities have allowed Faith to supplement her academic pursuits with real world opportunities—gaining unparalleled hands-on experience in digital marketing, social media, branding, communication, and content creation.

Faith graduated from Clark University in May 2023, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Studies, with minors in Theatre Arts and Marketing. Currently she is enrolled in an accelerated degree program at Clark to receive her Master’s in Communications in May 2024. 

In her free time, Faith curates her personal blog, Faith’s Takes, where she writes about everything from takeout to film takes. She also uses her blog as a platform for activism and advocacy, sharing her lived experiences as a biracial woman and bringing awareness to everyday inequities in our society.