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Making Regulations Work for All: A Webinar on Biden’s First 100 Days

Responsive Government Defending Safeguards
Biden First 100 Days and Regs Webinar Speakers

Starting on Day One, President Biden quickly began laying out his administration’s vision for a more just and equitable America. Among the early actions was an important memo that launches a process to reform two key regulatory institutions — White House review and regulatory evaluation — to support more timely and effective rulemaking. This is in line with recent public opinion, which supports strong regulations and urges the White House to prevent delays and political interference in agency rulemaking.

Since then, the Biden-Harris administration has taken other steps to advance its progressive vision, such as selecting qualified individuals for positions charged with implementing regulatory policies, unwinding the Trump administration's damaging approach to regulation, and supporting efforts to restore scientific integrity at rulemaking agencies.

On May 5, audience members heard from policy experts who addressed questions such as:

  • Do the Biden-Harris administration's early steps add up to a new progressive approach to regulation?
  • Will the administration’s approach enjoy broad public support?
  • What difference will these actions make in Americans’ everyday lives, including those who live in historically disenfranchised communities?
  • Will the Biden-Harris administration’s policy reforms have staying power?

The panelists:

  • Yogin Kothari is a vice president with Boundary Stone Partners based in Washington, D.C.

  • Gretchen Goldman is a scientist with a Ph.D. in environmental engineering and is the research director for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists.

  • Ethan Winter is an expert on public opinion and political parties and is a senior analyst for Data for Progress.

  • Amy Sinden is an expert on cost-benefit analysis and is a professor of law at Temple University Beasley School of Law. She is also a member of the Center for Progressive Reform’s Board of Directors.

CPR Senior Policy Analyst James Goodwin moderated the discussion.

View the webinar slide presentation.

Watch the webinar recording below, or view on CPR's YouTube channel.

Responsive Government Defending Safeguards