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Webinar: Environmental Justice and Public Health Implications of Extreme Weather and Toxic Chemicals

Climate Justice Chemicals Climate Environmental Justice

High-risk chemical facilities and other hazardous industrial sites are disproportionately located near communities where Black, Brown, and low-wealth families live, learn, and play. In 2012, floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy submerged some of these facilities, carrying chemicals and heavy metals into people’s homes.

On CPR's October 20, 2020, webinar, participants learned about a collaborative, stakeholder-led research project to prevent chemical releases during storm surges and flooding in one New York City neighborhood, and how this community-centered approach can be replicated in other communities throughout the country. The discussion also covered the public health risks of exposure to fugitive chemicals, the federal and state laws that determine how hazardous chemicals are stored, and efforts to advocate for climate resilience policies.

CPR's Darya Minovi moderated the webinar. Speakers included:

Watch the video at right, or view it on YouTube.

Climate Justice Chemicals Climate Environmental Justice