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Webinar: Decades of Unregulated Chemical Storage Harm Communities and the Environment

Climate Justice Air Chemicals Climate Environmental Justice Water
Aboveground Chemical Storage Tank Webinar Speakers

Tucked away in industrial parks, towering along railways and waterfronts, and on pallets outside neighborhood home improvement and agricultural supply stores, tanks containing hazardous chemicals are everywhere in the landscape. When it comes to public protections for our health and safety, however, these unregulated chemical storage facilities are missing from public policy.

In this January 13 webinar, public health and environmental policy experts answered questions about the threat these tanks pose and offered solutions to this longstanding problem. Our recent report on unregulated aboveground chemical storage served as a springboard for the discussion.

The panelists:

Darya also moderated the discussion.

View the webinar slide presentation.

Additional resources:

Watch the webinar recording below, or view on CPR's YouTube channel.

Climate Justice Air Chemicals Climate Environmental Justice Water