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Climate Justice

In August I commemorated the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina by pedaling along the self-guided “Levee Disaster Bike Tour.” I began beneath the muscular oaks along New Orleans’ Bayou St. John and threaded my way around potholes and waterfowl to pay my respects at three prominent levee-breach sites. 

The ride gave me a chance to reflect on many problems that my adopted hometown of New Orleans faces, as well as countless opportunities for improving the policies that will take advantage of my neighbors’ incredible resilience and keep us heading toward a more just and sustainable future. 

In my new role as President of the Board of Directors of the Center for Progressive Reform, I thought about these issues in a new light. What might this remarkable, nationwide group of legal scholars and professional advocates do to engage in the debates that will shape the future of New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and other regions of the country? The answer, I think, depends on how we continue to build our relationships with advocates like you.

What was the most helpful thing CPR did for you this year? Was it our analysts and Member Scholars supporting you in an advocacy campaign? Maybe you gained some new insight from a CPR report or case brief. I know our Member Scholars’ congressional testimony provided a valuable counterpoint to the right-wing narrative on Capitol Hill many times. And the same goes for our blog.

Whatever we may have done to further your work, I hope you’ll consider helping us provide more of the same in the coming year by donating to CPR on #GivingTuesday.


Climate Justice

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