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Amy Sinden | December 14, 2010

EPA Carbon Regulations Clear First Hoop in D.C. Circuit

A federal appeals court’s decision on Friday refusing to block implementation of EPA’s first limits on carbon pollution from cars, power plants, and factories is good news for inhabitants of planet Earth. A coalition of industry groups, right wing think tanks, and the state of Texas had asked the court to grant a stay blocking EPA’s […]

Amy Sinden | August 5, 2010

Fifth Circuit’s Ruling Puts Next Steps on Cooling Water Regulation and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Hands of Obama EPA — and OIRA

It turns out there’s more than one way an offshore oil rig can kill a fish. Even when they’re not spewing oil into the ocean, oil rigs kill vast numbers of fish and other aquatic organisms in their daily operations by sucking them up into their cooling water intake systems, where they get squashed against screens […]

Amy Sinden | June 21, 2010

Wall Street Journal Editorial Revives the Sport of Precaution Bashing

With characteristic audacity, the Wall Street Journal editorial page today is arguing against the precautionary approach to environmental policy that undergirds our system of environmental laws, even as the oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, they want to shift the burden of proof and only allow regulators to restrain corporate greed when […]

Amy Sinden | November 5, 2009

CPR’s Comments on OMB’s Draft Report on Costs and Benefits of Regulations: Why More of the Same?

Cass Sunstein had barely begun settling in to his new position as Administrator of OMB’s Office of Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in September, when OIRA released a draft of OMB’s 2009 Report to Congress on the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulations. Today marks the deadline for submitting comments to OMB on the draft, and I […]

Amy Sinden | September 22, 2009

Obama’s Frank Talk on Climate at the U.N.: More Please

Imagine if the end of the world were coming and everyone was just too polite to talk about it. That’s been the eerie feeling I’ve gotten over the past eight months listening to the President talk about energy policy. Not wanting to be a downer, he couches his energy talk in positive spin: We’re going […]

Amy Sinden | April 1, 2009

What Will the Entergy Ruling Bring?

The Supreme Court today upheld a decision from the Bush administration’s EPA that was good for industry and bad for the environmental health of our rivers and estuaries (my brief press statement on the case, Entergy v. EPA, is here; the court’s decision is here).  But the majority opinion by Justice Scalia was written narrowly […]

Amy Sinden | November 10, 2008

By the Stroke of a Presidential Pen: Executive Orders on Climate Change

President-elect Obama has a lot on his plate. No doubt the financial crisis is foremost on his mind. But as he ticked off his to-do list in his victory speech Tuesday night, I heard our new president mention another global crisis as well: “a planet in peril.” The worst economic crisis since the great depression […]