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Frank Ackerman | May 26, 2010

Socializing Risk: The New Energy Economics

Cross-posted from Triple Crisis. Despite talk of a moratorium, the Interior Department’s Minerals and Management Service is still granting waivers from environmental review for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, including wells in very deep water. Until last month, most of us never thought about the risk that one of those huge offshore rigs […]

Frank Ackerman | January 19, 2010

Bjorn Lomborg Misreads Climate Change Economics in Washington Post Op-Ed

Bjorn Lomborg has seen the future of climate policy, and it doesn’t work. In his opinion, featured Friday in the Washington Post, a binding treaty to reduce carbon emissions – the goal that was pursued unsuccessfully at the Copenhagen conference in December – would have done more harm than good. Reducing emissions enough to stabilize […]

Frank Ackerman | December 12, 2009



Frank Ackerman | December 4, 2009

EPA and NHTSA Lowball Estimates of Carbon Costs in Proposed Tailpipe Emissions Standard

Once upon a time, EPA and other agencies labored under the yoke of a cruel regime that was contemptuous of the “reality-based community,” but intimately aware of the needs and desires of the energy industry. Climate policy didn’t really happen in those days. Then the world changed. In the first year of the new regime, […]

Frank Ackerman | April 23, 2009

A Day at the Waxman-Markey Hearings

It must be worthwhile; at least, I keep doing it. Wednesday was the third time in the last eight months that I’ve testified before a House committee about the costs of inaction on climate change, a topic I study at the Stockholm Environment Institute-US Center, a research institute affiliated with Tufts University in Boston. The […]