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Join CPR as Our Climate Adaptation Policy Analyst

Climate Justice

Are you interested in ensuring that communities impacted by climate change can effectively adapt to changing conditions and that vulnerable populations will be protected and treated fairly in the process? Do you have a background in the legal and policy issues related to both clean water and climate change adaptation? If so, you should consider applying for the new climate change adaptation policy analyst position at the Center for Progressive Reform

The focus of this position is climate change adaptation, with special emphasis on environmental justice and the implications of climate change for the Chesapeake Bay. The analyst will join a small team of professional staff and a network of top-notch Member Scholars who are examining these issues and are looking to turn policy into action. Among other things, the analyst will: 

  • Research and promote best practices for adapting to climate change, with special emphasis on protecting socially vulnerable people and communities;
  • Develop strategies for implementing adaptation justice best practices, with special focus on opportunities to do so in the Chesapeake Bay region;
  • Write a variety of materials about opportunities to address climate change impacts through progressive adaptation policies; and
  • Network with Member Scholars, partners, policymakers, and others to provide expertise and promote research findings. 

For more information about the position, please download the job announcement. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2016.

Climate Justice

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