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CPR Welcomes New Executive Director Minor Sinclair

Over the last six months, we had the honor of leading the search for a visionary new leader to guide our organization. Our search is over, and we're thrilled to announce that Minor Sinclair will be taking CPR's helm next month.

Sinclair is a dynamic leader with a commitment to the progressive values CPR has fought for over the last two decades: justice, equity, public health, safety, and environmental sustainability. He is uniquely qualified to guide our organization through this moment of social and political change.

A tireless advocate for justice, Sinclair has dedicated his career to supporting the rights of low-income and vulnerable communities. He also has management and fundraising experience, an ability to bring people together around progressive change, and an ambitious vision for CPR as it enters its third decade.

After earning a bachelor's degree in international development from Davidson College, Sinclair began his career working to advance refugee rights in Central America and the Caribbean.

He went on to earn a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and spent the last 16 years at Oxfam, where he directed the organization's Domestic Program and led efforts to improve working conditions for low-wage food workers. He co-founded Oxfam International's Cuba office and worked to advance international human rights issues in other roles at the global nonprofit group.

He has developed a distinguished record of civic service and intellectual achievement. A former volunteer with refugees from Central America, he co-founded the Equitable Food Initiative, which works with growers and retailers to create safer food and healthier workplaces. He has also authored and edited several publications, including The New Politics of Survival, a book about grassroots political movements in Central America.

Sinclair takes CPR's helm at a time of transformation for our organization and for the country.

After a four-year assault on justice, equity, and public and environmental health, not to mention our democracy, we know our work is cut out for us. With Sinclair at our helm, CPR is poised to play a leading role in rebuilding and reimagining our government so it protects all people and the planet, not just the powerful and wealthy few.

Sinclair will join the organization on Feb. 8. He succeeds Matt Shudtz, who stepped down at the start of the school year to help guide his children through the remote learning that the COVID-19 pandemic made necessary. In the interim, board members Laurie Ristino and Gilonne d'Origny and longtime staff member James Goodwin led the organization. We are enormously grateful for their service and accomplishments during this challenging time.

Please join us in welcoming Minor Sinclair!

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