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Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes New Climate Adaptation Policy Analyst

Climate Justice

NEWS RELEASE: Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes New Climate Adaptation Policy Analyst

Today, the Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) announced that David Flores has joined the organization as its new policy analyst. Flores will serve alongside the group’s staff and Member Scholars in their efforts to protect public health and the environment, with a particular focus on ways communities and the Chesapeake Bay region can adapt to climate change in a fair, just, inclusive manner. 

“I’m excited to welcome David Flores to our team,” said Matthew Shudtz, executive director of CPR. “CPR is embarking on several new, exciting projects related to climate change and adaptation strategies, and David has a keen sense of how CPR can succeed in this crucial area of work. He’s a smart analyst and a strategic advocate – the perfect person to work alongside our Member Scholars and our allies to shape climate adaptation policy.”

“As a climate adaptation scholar, I’m particularly eager to work with David,” said Robert Verchick, president of CPR. “He’s a skilled advocate and cares deeply about the communities he works with. We’re thrilled to have him join our team.”

Flores comes to CPR after serving as Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper for Blue Water Baltimore, where he worked collaboratively with staff and partner organizations to undertake water quality research, legal and regulatory advocacy, and Clean Water Act citizen enforcement to protect and restore Baltimore’s communities and waterways. He has also worked with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study’s long-term ecological research program and Hudsonia, Ltd., a nonprofit environmental research institute in New York. 

“I have seen first-hand how impacts from climate change should be driving reform and adaptation policy that serves to protect vulnerable communities and natural resources today,” Flores said. “For that reason, I am thrilled to join CPR to not only elevate climate policy research, but also to work with my colleagues to address adaptation challenges in all of CPR’s issue areas.” 

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Climate Justice

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