Caution: Unabashed Bragging Ahead

Matthew Freeman

June 3, 2016

We have an in-house guideline about bragging on CPRBlog, which is that we try to keep it to a minimum. It’s not so much a matter of modesty as it is that we think the work our Member Scholars and staff do speaks for itself. But we’re going to suspend our usual practice for a moment to note that a recent list of the 20 most-cited administrative and/or environmental law faculty in the United States includes seven CPR Member Scholars.

We’ve always known that our Member Scholars, to deploy a particularly inappropriate metaphor, cut a wide swath across the environmental law landscape. It’s not by accident, of course. We began with a nucleus of progressive scholars at the top of their profession and have been busy recruiting and talent-spotting ever since.

So, proudly and a little shamelessly, here are the seven CPR Member Scholars among the 20 most cited:

  • Richard J. Pierce, Lyle T. Alverson Professor of Law, The George Washington University;
  • Robin Kundis Craig, William H. Leary Professor of Law, University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law;
  • Douglas A. Kysar, Deputy Dean and Joseph M. Field ’55 Professor of Law, Yale Law School;
  • Thomas O. McGarity, Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Endowed Chair in Administrative Law, University of Texas at Austin School of Law;
  • A. Dan Tarlock, Distinguished Professor of Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law;
  • Robert L. Glicksman, J. B. and Maurice C. Shapiro Professor of Environmental Law, The George Washington University Law School; and
  • Sidney Shapiro, Fletcher Chair in Administrative Law, Wake Forest University School of Law.

The list was compiled by Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School and published on his blog. He’s the director of the Center for Law, Philosophy and Human Values. 

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