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CPR White Papers & Reports (2004-2010)

CPR White Papers and Issue Alerts offer timely and thoughtful analysis on current policy issues, spanning the full range of environmental, health, safety and regulatory issues. For white papers and reports published after 2010, visit this page.

Setting Priorities for IRIS: 47 Chemicals that Should Move to the Head of the Risk-Assessment Line, CPR White Paper 1010, by CPR Member Scholar Rena Steinzor and CPR Policy Analysts Matthew Shudtz and Lena Pons, December 2010.  Read the related blog post.

Corrective Lenses for IRIS: Reforms to Improve EPA's Integrated Risk Information System (3 meg download), CPR White Paper 1009, by CPR Member Scholars Rena Steinzor and Wendy Wagner, with CPR Policy Analysts Lena Pons and Matthew Shudtz. Read the news release.

Regulatory Blowout: How Regulatory Failures Made the BP Disaster Possible, and How the System Can Be Fixed to Avoid a Recurrence (1 meg download), CPR White Paper 1007, by CPR Member Scholars Alyson Flournoy, William Andreen, Rebecca Bratspies, Holly Doremus, Victor Flatt, Robert Glicksman, Joel Mintz, Daniel Rohlf, Amy Sinden, Rena Steinzor, Joseph Tomain, and Sandra Zellmer, together with CPR Policy Analyst James Goodwin, October 2010.  Read the news release.

From Ship to Shore: Reforming the National Contingency Plan to Improve Protections for Oil Spill Cleanup Workers, (1 meg download), CPR White Paper 1006, by CPR Member Scholars Rebecca Bratspies, Alyson Flournoy, Thomas McGarity, Sidney Shapiro, Rena Steinzor, and CPR Policy Analyst Matthew Shudtz, September 2010.

Ensuring Accountability in Chesapeake Bay Restoration: Metrics for the Phase I Watershed Implementation Plans, special report, by Member Scholars William Andreen, Robert Glicksman and Rena Steinzor; CPR Policy Analyst Yee Huang and CPR Executive Director Shana Jones, August 2010.

Plausibility Pleading: Barring the Courthouse Door to Deserving Claimants (.5 meg download), CPR White Paper 1005, by CPR Member Scholars William Funk, Thomas McGarity, and Sidney Shapiro, with CPR Policy Analyst James Goodwin, May 2010.

Failing the Bay: Clean Water Act Enforcement in Maryland Falling Short (7.9 meg download), CPR White Paper 1004 by CPR Member Scholar Robert Glicksman and Policy Analyst Yee Huang, commissioned by the Abell Foundation, on the Maryland Department of the Environment's enforcement of the Clean Water Act, Or read the news release, or an article on the report in the Abell Foundation's newsletter.

Workers at Risk: Regulatory Dysfunction at OSHA (700 kb download), CPR White Paper #1003, by CPR Member Scholars Thomas McGarity, Rena Steinzor, and Sidney Shapiro, and CPR Policy Analyst Matthew Shudtz, February 2010. Read the web article and news release.

The Future of Environmental Protection: The Case for a National Environmental Legacy Act (1.5 meg download), CPR White Paper #1002, by CPR Member Scholar Alyson Flournoy, former CPR Policy Analyst Margaret Clune Giblin, and Ryan Feinberg, Heather Halter and Christina Storz, January 2010.

Obama’s Regulators: A First-Year Report Card, (1 meg download), CPR White Paper #1001, by CPR Member Scholars Amy Sinden, Rena Steinzor,  Shana Jones, and James Goodwin, January 2010.





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