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July 16, 2019, New Issue Brief Explains Why Carbon Pricing Is Essential – But Not Sufficient on Its Own – to Combat Climate Change

June 20, 2019, Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes Four New Board Members

April 17, 2019, Workers Face Numerous Toxic Hazards on the Job; A New Advocacy Guide Aims to Change That

March 6, 2019, New Report Highlights Climate Change, Toxic Flooding Threats to Vulnerable Communities in Virginia


September 26, 2018, New Report Highlights Importance of Civil Courts in Securing a Fair, Inclusive Economy for All Americans

September 5, 2018, New Report on Disasters and Climate Change Shows How Government Can Help Communities Move from Surviving to Thriving

May 2, 2018, Congressional Review Act Rollbacks Are Endangering Our Health and Safety


December 18, 2017, Maryland's Pollution Trading Rules Risk Backsliding on Progress to Clean Up the Chesapeake Bay, New Report Finds

December 14, 2017, Trump Speech on Deregulation, Fall Unified Agenda Continue Dangerous Assault on Our Safeguards

November 16, 2017, Maryland Industrial Sites Violating Permit Laws and Polluting State Waters, New Report Finds

October 30, 2017, New Workplace Health and Safety Crimes Database Offers Picture of State-Level Violations and Prosecutions

July 20, 2017, Assault on Our Safeguards Continues with Publication of Trump Deregulatory Agenda

July 19, 2017, New Analysis Exposes Trump Administration Rulemaking Delays

June 21, 2017, New Report Highlights Constitutional Problems of Trump-Bannon Assault on Our Safeguards

June 1, 2017, CPR Statement: Paris Withdrawal Could Lead to 'Lost Century'

May 3, 2017, New Report Lays Out Tools for Communities Needing to Reach Higher Ground in the Face of Climate Change

April 26, 2017, Senators Introduce Burdensome Legislation to Delay Crucial Public Safeguards, Make It Harder to Enforce Nation's Laws

April 20, 2017, New Report: Trump's Assault on Our Safeguards Continues with Nomination of Neomi Rao to Lead the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

March 28, 2017, Trump Assault on Our Safeguards Continues with Executive Order Against Climate Action

February 28, 2017, President Trump Begins Irresponsible Environmental Rollbacks with Attack on Clean Water Rule

February 24, 2017, President Trump Seeks to Embed Anti-Protections Agenda at Agencies with New Executive Order

January 30, 2017, President Trump Calls for Rationing Health and Safety in ‘One In, Two Out’ Executive Order on Public Protections

January 24, 2017, CPR Statement: Rep. Mick Mulvaney Should Not Be Confirmed to Lead the Office of Management and Budget 


December 21, 2016, Likely Regulatory Adviser to Trump Would Further Stack the Deck Against Families and Communities'

December 14, 2016, CPR's Glicksman on Trump Choice of Zinke for Interior: "Does Nothing to Erase Fears''

December 13, 2016, CPR's Klass on Trump Choice of Perry for Energy: '"American Leadership on Clean Energy Future Is on Indefinite Hold"

December 7, 2016, Trump Pick for EPA Charts the Wrong Course for Our Health and Our Environment.

November 30, 2016, New Report: Strong State Safeguards Important to Protecting Americans from Small Plane Crashes and Defective Aircraft Parts.

October 27, 2016, EPA Left Significant Carbon Reductions on the Table, New In-depth Analysis of Clean Power Plan Concludes.

September 15, 2016, House Passes Bill to Silence Agency Experts and Frustrate Public Participation in the Regulatory Process.

August 3, 2016, Memo to the Next President: Let's Make Government Work for All of Us.

July 29, 2016, CPR Lauds OSHA's Continued Vigilance over Rampant Dangers in the Poultry Slaughter Industry.

June 30, 2016, New Report: When OSHA Gives Discounts on Danger, Workers Are Put at Risk.

June 14, 2016, Latest House Anti-Regulatory Package Is Beyond Stale, Statement of James Goodwin.

May 4, 2016, Americans Hurt by Forced Arbitration Agreements with Big Banks, Credit Card Companies

April 15, 2016, News Release: Policymakers, Researchers, Residents Discuss Louisiana Climate Change Vulnerabilities At April 15th Forum

April 13, 2016, New Paper Showcases Best Practices for Protecting, Empowering Vulnerable Gulf Coast Communities in the Face of Climate Change

April 13, 2016, Media Advisory: Policymakers, Researchers, Residents to Discuss Louisiana Climate Change Vulnerabilities at April 15th Forum

March 29, 2016, Center for Progressive Reform Welcomes New Communications Director

March 24, 2016, New Manual Helps Workplace-Safety Activists to Push for Criminal Charges in On-the-Job Tragedies

February 4, 2016, New Analysis of EPA TMDL Data Documents Looming Failure by Chesapeake Bay States to Meet 2017 Pollution-Reduction Goals


August 18, 2015, CPR Announces Appointment of New Board Members: Alyson Flournoy, Alice Kaswan, and Alex Klass

July 31, 2015, The Clean Power Plan: Issues to Watch: New CPR Issue Alert Flags Issues Key to Success of President's Climate Change Package 

July 9, 2015, New CPR Issue Alert: Earmarking Away the Public Interest, House GOP's "Negative Earmarks" in Appropriations Bill Would Undercut Key Protections and Cost Thousands of Lives

April 16, 2015, CPR Announces Appointment of New President: Robert R.M. Verchick; Rena Steinzor Steps Down after Seven Years at Helm, Succeeded by Loyola University New Orleans College of Law Professor, Former EPA Official


December 8, 2014, New Map Plots Farmer-Reported Data to Show ‘Excessive’ Soil Phosphorus Levels at All But One Large Poultry Farm in Six (Maryland) Eastern Shore Counties.

November 25, 2014, Center for Progressive Reform Announces New Executive Director; Long-time CPR Analyst Matthew Shudtz to Assume Leadership Post.

November 7, 2014, The President’s Path to Progress in 2015-16: CPR Report Identifies 13 Essential Regulatory Actions the President Can and Should Complete Before Leaving Office.

June 26, 2014, Winning Safer Workplaces: CPR Releases New Manual Rich with Policy Reforms for State & Local Advocacy to Reduce Worker Deaths, Injuries, & Illnesses.


October 29, 2013, CPR Releases New Report on Toxic Chemical Reform: The rights of victims and states needs to be preserved in any toxic reform legislation.

June 6, 2013, CPR Scholar Robert Verchick, Former EPA Official, Reacts to Congressional Letter to White House on Delayed Rules Protecting the Environment, Health & Safety.

January 29, 2013, Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy Working to Undermine Federal Health and Safety Protections, Says CPR Report.

January 11, 2013, Rise in Contract Labor Brings New Worker Safety Threats, Demands New Government Policies in Several Dangerous Industries, Says CPR Report.


December 10, 2012, New CPR Report Proposes Seven Key Executive Orders to Advance Environmental, Health and Safety Protections.

September 24, 2012, Maryland and Federal Authorities Prosecute Water Polluters Too Rarely and Penalties for Convictions Lack Deterrent Punch, CPR Report Says.

August 15, 2012, Will Chesapeake Bay Pollution Credit-Trading Program Trade Away Fairness? New CPR White Paper Raises Serious Environmental Justice Concerns.

July 19, 2012, As Thousands Still Die on the Job Every Year, New CPR Report Recommends Congress Update Decades-Old Safety Laws.

June 5, 2012, New Report Calls on Pennsylvania and Maryland to Reform Approach to Chesapeake Bay Pollution from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

May 25, 2012, CPR Briefing Paper Warns of Pitfalls in Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Trading Approach.

March 8, 2012, New CPR White Paper Takes on Myth of ‘Defensive Medicine’ as a Significant Driver of Medical Malpractice Insurance Premiums and Health Care Costs; Authors Say Defensive Medicine’s Impact on Overall Costs Is Slight.

January 26, 2012, U.S. Should Take Steps Now to Begin Protecting Public from BPA, a Ubiquitous Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical, Says New CPR Report.

January 4, 2012, Center for Progressive Reform Celebrates 10 Years of Influencing Regulatory Policy, Environmental Debates.

January 3, 2012, Center for Progressive Reform Announces New Executive Director; Jake Caldwell to Assume Post in Second Week of January.


November 28, 2011, Obama White House Changes More Agency Regulations in Backroom Process than Bush Administration Did, Says New CPR Report.

June 10, 2011, Washington State Should Expand Policy Preparations Now For Responding to Effects of Climate Change, Start Adjusting Laws and Policies, Says CPR Report.

June 2, 2011, CPR White Paper Explodes Industry Myths about BPA; Five Myths Intended to Muddle Facts, Cast False Doubt on Sound Science about BPA’s Dangers.

April 20, 2011, New Report from CPR Urges Administration to Adopt a ‘Sense of Urgency’ about Finishing Work on 12 Key Environmental, Health and Safety Regulations.

March 11, 2011, BP Disaster Victims Betrayed by One-Two Punch of ‘Hollowed Regulation and Hobbled Law,’ Says New CPR White Paper.

February 8, 2011, SBA Study Claiming $1.75 Trillion Cost of Regulations Was Based on Series of Significantly Flawed Calculations, Says CPR Report.

January 25, 2011, State Plans For Chesapeake Bay Restoration Not Strong Enough to Get the Job Done, Says New CPR Report.

January 18, 2011, Obama Plan to Revisit Existing Regulations Won't Dampen Industry's Push to Eliminate More Public Protections, Says CPR President Rena Steinzor.


November 19, 2010, Steinzor Comments on EPA’s Coal Ash Proposal: Effort to Regulate Toxic Coal Ash Hijacked by Faulty, OMB-Generated, Economic Estimates of High Costs.

November 9, 2010, EPA's Toxic Chemical Database Woefully Out of Date Despite Obama Administration Reforms; Backlog Will Persist for Decades At Current Rate.

September 30, 2010, BP Disaster a Product of ‘Regulatory Blowout,’ Says New Study; Scholars Point to Multiple Regulatory Failures, Call for Precautionary Principle.

September 14, 2010, Lesson from BP Disaster: Federal Government Not Prepared to Make Sound and Timely Safety Policies for Cleanup Workers, CPR Report Says.

August 30, 2010, What’s Behind Recent Regulatory Failures? Experts Go Beyond Finger-Pointing at Regulators, Identify Systemic Problems in Washington’s Approach to Regulation.

August 3, 2010, Industry's 'Capture' of Federal Agencies Pervasive as Regulatory Failures Pile Up, Administrative Law Expert Tells Congressional Panel; Proposes Four Actions For Congress to Address Problem.

May 4, 2010, White House Meddling in Rulemaking Process Undercuts EPA's Action on Coal Ash, Says CPR President Rena Steinzor

April 8, 2010, Maryland Failing to Enforce Clean Water Laws,Letting Polluters off the Hook, Says New Report

February 9, 2010, New CPR White Paper: OSHA ‘Dysfunction’ Leaves Workers at Risk.

January 14, 2010, Obama Regulatory Efforts Earn Mixed Reviews; Administration Earns B- in "Obama’s Regulators: A First-Year Report Card.


October 30, 2009, Solving the Puzzle of an Enfeebled Regulatory System; Citing ‘Regulatory System in Severe Disrepair,’ CPR Releases Three White Papers Addressing Distinct Aspects of Problem: CPR Member Scholars Address Dysfunctional Regulatory Agencies, Costs of Delayed Regulations, Moving Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis.

September 21, 2009, CPR Names New Executive Director: Shana Campbell Jones to Lead Staff.

August 4, 2009, Medical Device Safety Needs a Common Law Backup to FDA's Limited Regulation, CPR Member Scholar Tells Senate Committee.  Read the testimony.

June 18, 2009, To Save Chesapeake Bay, Congress Must Create Enforceable Penalties for States that Fail to meet Targets, Says CPR Report.

June 11, 2009, EPA’s IRIS Database "Outdated, Incomplete, Ineffective"; Administrator Jackson’s Reforms "Leave Major Issues Unresolved."

May 18, 2009, Experts to Debate Future of Centralized Regulatory Review in Obama Era at CPR Symposium, May 22, Media Advisory.

May 12, 2009, Mercury-Emitting Chlor-Alkali Plants Cause Unnecessary Harm to Human Health, CPR Member Scholar Tells Congressional Committee, on Catherine O'Neill's testimony before the U.S. House House Energy and Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection.

April 30, 2009, Obama Administration Should Redefine Role of ‘Regulatory Czar’ to Help Protect Citizens, Not Weaken Regulation, CPR President Tells Congressional Committee, about Rena Steinzor's testimony before the House Science and Technology Committee’s Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight.

April 3, 2009, Obama Initiative on 'Science Integrity' Must Go Beyond Fixing Bush Era Politicization, Say Center for Progressive Reform Scholars, about a letter from CPR Member Scholars Rena Steinzor and Wendy Wagner to White House Science Advisor John Holdren.  Read the letter itself.

April 1, 2009, Supreme Court Ruling in Entergy v. EPA Narrow Enough to Leave Obama Administration Leeway to Protect Waters, Says Center for Progressive Reform Scholar, statement of CPR Member Scholar Amy Sinden, reacting to ruling on the use of cost-benefit analysis.

March 4, 2009, Supreme Court Ruling in Wyeth v. Levine a Rebuke of Backdoor Efforts to Deny Citizens' Right to Hold Industry Accountable, Says Center for Progressive Reform Scholar, statement of Nina Mendelson in response to the Supreme Court's ruling in Wyeth vs. Levine.

January 26, 2009, The Choices Facing Cass Sunstein: CPR Member Scholars Point to Trouble Ahead for "Regulatory Czar", upon the release of Reinvigorating Protection of Health, Safety, and the Environment: The Choices Facing Cass Sunstein (180 kb), CPR White Paper 901, by CPR Member Scholars John Applegate (Indiana University–Bloomington), Thomas McGarity (University of Texas), Sidney Shapiro (Wake Forest University), Amy Sinden (Temple University), Rena Steinzor (University of Maryland), Robert R.M. Verchick (Loyola University–New Orleans), and CPR Policy Analyst James Goodwin.  Read the web article.  Read Rena Steinzor's CPRBlog entry on the subject.


December 18, 2008, New CPR Report Spotlights Dangers of Regulatory Preemption at Consumer Product Safety Commission.

November 11, 2008, "CPR Scholars Propose Slate of Executive Orders to Launch Obama
Administration’s Work on Health, Safety and Environment

August 28, 2008, "Saving Science from Politics:  CPR Scholars' 'Nine Reforms' Offers Blueprint."

July 17, 2008, "New CPR White Paper:  NHTSA’s ‘Penchant for Preemption’ Will Weaken Safety Protections for Motorists."

April 16, 2008, "CPR’s Buzbee Urges Action on Clean Water Restoration Act."

January 23, 2008, "Rena Steinzor Succeeds Tom McGarity as CPR President."

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