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Fighting Climate Change

Preventing the Worst, Mitigating the Harm

U.S. progress on preventing climate change has been slow and sporadic.  The Clinton Administration mostly missed its chance; the Bush Administration actively fought progress;  legislation during President Obama's first term died in the Senate at the hands of solid Republican opposition and Democratic division; and President Trump is openly hostile to doing anything about climate change, refusing even to acknowledge the science behind it.

Given political realities, the best remaining hope for action at the federal level during the Obama years was Executive Branch regulation, and the Obama EPA embraced the opportunity, rules relying on its Clean Air Act authority to issue rules aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, most notably, the Clean Power Plan. The Trump Administration has made clear it intends to roll back as much of that effort as it possibly can, setting up what will likely be a long-running battle in Congress and the courts.

Read about CPR Member Scholars' work on how to prevent and mitigate climate change:

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